Case Studies

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Hotel – Bristol – Water Softener Install

A large hotel in Bristol’s existing plant had completely failed. It was old, redundant, based on old tech, and oversized creating major concerns with scaling and bacteriological issues.

Our solution was to remove the 4 existing vessels, replacing them with 2 new water softeners with a modern and efficient control head system, as well as the removal of several dead legs. Result – fully softened water and NO issues with bacteria.

Private School – Kent – Cold Water Storage Tank Install

Here we carried out cold water storage tank full service works at a large private school. Their two tanks had issues with safety and efficiency. Issues with the balancing of water were causing ideal conditions for Legionella bacteria, and distribution within the system. The were also issues with pipework on the outlets and a number of dead legs among others.

DSW’s solution was a single tank with one inlet, one outlet, negating the stagnation of water and potential for bacteriological growth. Dead legs also removed.

“I would like to express my thanks to DSW for providing an excellent service when completing chilled water system flushing and dosing.”

Gerhard Bernard

Royal Automobile Club – Pall Mall